Server Rules

In order to create as much fun as possible for everyone, it is inevitable that we have to comply with certain regulations on our server.

Everyone has to follow these rules. You automatically agree to it by creating your character! If you violate these rules, your character can be kicked or deleted or even the entire account can be banned from the server!

Die Regeln in Deutsch sind hier zu finden

Drachenebene Server Rules


  1. We reserves the right to restart the server or the websites for maintenance purposes without notice, to adjust the configuration or to make various other changes.
  2. Respect the Game Master (GM’s) and their decisions!
  3. A player’s name must be kept as realistic as possible (not just „asdh fhjsa“), nor are offensive, sexist, right-wing or left-wing radicals allowed words, signs or insinuations.
  4. The name of a guild must not contain offensive, sexist, right-wing, or left-wing radicals, words, signs, or insinuations.
  5. Always treat your teammates politely, insults of any kind are not allowed!
  6. It is not allowed to invade foreign claims or dwellings / castles without permission of the owner
  7. The robbing of players or looting of foreign chests, boxes, camps, etc. is not permitted
  8. Disappeared/abandoned claims or unnamed buildings where no monument is visible as a construction site or similar may be looted directly
    1. If buildings are part of a shrinking claim, they may only be looted after the monument has disintegrated.
  9. Inactive players (including any associated guilds) who have not logged in for 14 days or more may be removed from the database.
  10. It is allowed to have multiple characters on one account, unless they are in the same guild.
  11. Wildcard characters created from a 2nd Steam account, for example, that are otherwise inactive and a member of a guild to allow rule 3.4.2 to apply will be deleted.
  12. The trade of goods or other objects may not be carried out with real money.


2. RP / PVE / PVP Guild System

  1. Guilds should end up with the -PVE (Player vs. Environment) or -PVP (Player vs. Player) in the name, and -RP (Roleplay) if necessary, so that the game type of the guild members is visible.
    1. Example guild name „Vikings-RP-PVE“ means: Guild is interested in RP and plays according to the PVE principle without PVP. So these guild members must not be attacked by a PVP guild and must not fight themselves.
    2. Example guild name „Vikings-PVE“ means: Guild plays according to the PVE principle as described in 2.1.1, but is not interested in Roleplay.
    3. Example guild name „Vikings-RP-PVP“ means: Guild is interested in RP and plays according to the PVP principle, may attack other PVP guilds and also be attacked, but not attack PVE players.
    4. Example guild name „Vikings-PVP“ means: Guild plays according to the PVP principle as described in 2.1.3, but is not interested in roleplay
  2. PVE guilds can switch to a PVP guild at any time
    1. This is to be announced by a post on the forum and by subsequently changing the guild name
    2. PVP is only allowed with a customized guild name
  3. PVP guilds are only allowed to switch back to a PVE guild after returning with a GM through a post in the forum, a „flying back and forth“ is not possible
  4. Players without guilds automatically belong to the PVE system and may only operate PVP after consultation and not be attacked without cause
  5. Guilds without RP, PVE or PVP in the name play according to the PVE system as described in rule 2.1.2



  1. Buildings must always be built in the claim area! If no monument has been erected yet, the building must be located near the construction site
  2. Outposts may NOT be built as they severely restrict the scope for new claims!
  3. Monuments must have a minimum distance of at least 30 blocks from each other (measured at the outer distance of a level 2 monument), unless both sides agree on a smaller one
  4. Groups of 2 or more players must join a guild or create their own guild, as well as build a guild monument to display on the live map and label the guild territory.
    1. Guilds with less than 3 people are only allowed to extend the monument up to level 2 (diameter 50) (the map will otherwise be too full due to „2-man claims“)
      1. Exeptions: DieErbenEpplelands, Chilli Milli and Grauenstein, as these claims were already at level 3 before the rule was introduced.
    2. Guilds with 3 or more people are allowed to extend the monument to level 3
    3. An extension to level 4 of the monument must be confirmed in writing by a GM (submit application in the forum)
  5. Since it leads to laggs through structures outside of claims, structures outside a claim area can be deleted by GMs! There is no right to compensation.
  6. The tree roots of felled trees must be removed immediately, otherwise it can lead to laggs in definitely.
  7. Items that are no longer needed (e.g. Broken Tools) must not be dropped and should be sacrificed to the monument (the monument is ideally suited as a „garbage bin“, even if the victim is not accepted, the item has disappeared and we keep the server clean)
  8. Within the areas marked in red, which are visible on the live map, it is forbidden: to claim, to build structures, to operate terraforming and to cut down trees!
    1. Mines may be dug on mountains.
    2. The hunting of animals as well as the collection of plant fibres, herbs, etc. is also permitted.
  9. The sphere of influence of a claim must not extend into red areas of the live map. If this is the case, the monument will be moved/removed by a GM after consultation with the guild.
  10. The sphere of influence of a claim must not protrude into clay pits containing clay with a quality above 50. Such clay pits are free to keep accessible to everyone and must not be claimed!
  11. Roads that are built outside of claims (for example, to connect 2 claims together),
    1. may have a maximum of 3 tiles wide.
    2. may be claimed, if the claim complies with the other rules
    3. may be protected by a GM before a MapRefresh, but this must be stated in the forum!
    4. may be deleted or changed by a GM at any time
    5. must correspond in the „general style“ to the other roads, such as: a similar distance of the street lamps, same building material, etc.



  1. 3rd Party Modifications to the Client that are not expressly permitted by us and give you an advantage over other obtaineds will result in immediate exclusion from the community or deletion of the character!
    1. Allowed Mods: Ads for Herbs as well as Inventory Organizer, the SF-Mod and the Trading Post mod. In case of uncertainty, please ask a GM.
  2. Bugusing (exploiting game errors) is strictly prohibited.
  3. Bugs must be reported to an admin or forum



  1. Streaming on different platforms (Twitch, Youtube, etc.) is allowed
  2. The streamer is not responsible for the actions of other players in the game, nor for the chat.
  3. If the streamer is in Teamspeak or Discord, the voice of the other members can be recorded/streamed in the corresponding channel.
    1. It must be noted beforehand that the streamer will record it.
    2. If someone does not agree with the recording, they have to switch to the channel, mutate or the streamer leave the channel.
    3. It is not allowed to publish personal data of others
    4. The reputation of the server must not be adversely affected by the stream. We reserve the right to prohibit streaming in case of violation.
    5. Of course, all other Drachenebene rules apply



  1. GMs may enter all areas of the card (including claims of other players) at any time if:
    1. there is a suspicion of a violation of the rules
    2. a player of the claim asks the GM for help and allows access with it
    3. „Entering other claims“ is also considered if the GM is in hide or flight mode and can thus have access to buildings.
  2. It is not allowed to eavesdrop on or spy on other players in Hide or Flight mode. If there is a suspicion of a rule violation, this must be agreed with the other GMs.
  3. Structures can be moved or deleted by a GM if they violate the rules
  4. GMs may not create items to other players or themselves unless it is used to assist in the event of problems (e.g. loss of an item due to a server error or as an event reward)
  5. GMs may not complete structures for themselves or other players, unless they are server buildings (e.g. server market, event arena, etc.) or support in case of problems
  6. GMs, like everyone else, must follow the server rules.



  1. In the event of a breach of these rules, the following measures may be taken by GM’s:
    1. Renaming the Character / Guild in case of name violation
    2. Deletion of individual items up to entire buildings
    3. Deletion of one or more characters
    4. Deletion of all characters in the account, forcing a reboot
    5. Permanent Exclusion from the Community (Perma Ban of the Steam Account from the Server)
    6. Withdrawal of GM permissions


For questions or comments on the server rules, please use the Support-Forum under Life is Feudal!